Over dit project

One of the biggest players in fiberglass production in Europe. I was invited by krafton® to participate in a design pitch. Each participant received the briefing and had 5 days to design a homepage according to the requirements. It had to be a clear throughline to the three parts within the website, the new and old identity had to be visible to the user and the strengths of their product had to be clear. Because of a good combination within my pitch design, I was chosen to realize the design for the new website.
After a successful design, months later I received another assignment from Krafton. The growth of the company was so fast, that they needed a separate website for the part of bridge deck boards. It was up to me to transform the identity into a separate website for this part. I used some fixed elements from the original website and improved it where necessary. To create a very good and useful website, a website where it was clear to everyone what they do, what the product is and how they can order and assemble it.
For a good overview of all the designed screens, from krafton GRP Bridge deck boards, please take a look at here.