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Over dit project

Kevlar has been around since November 1, 2019. Their global mission is to make contractors great with smart, creative and innovative ideas. They believe that good ideas should be executed. They are best on leading edge projects, where it takes just a little more creativity, empathy and passion. Projects that are so bold they almost scare you. That is what makes their hearts beat faster.
It was my honor to design the corporate identity, create a web design and even realize the website. It was a project that I had taken on from my company Bound Design, very fun and above all very educational.
My goal was to create the logo to continue the style statement already. Quirky and thoughtful, that’s exactly what Kevlar stands for. The yellow square has exactly the same fabric as the material “Kevlar”. Thus, the colors yellow and dark gray are also characteristic of this material. The goal was to blow a fresh wind through the static tender world. Kevlar is an all-female team where they work for the largest contractors in the Netherlands, such as BAM and Volkers & Wessels. Through this socratic and playful design we made a statement, making sure they will start talking about Kevlar.